Tricot Warp Knitting Machine

Model: HKS2, HKS3, KS4

Working Width: 136″, 186″, 218″

Bar Nos.: 2, 3 , 4

Gauge: E28, E32

Pattern driver: patter discs or EL

Yarn Let-off: EBC multi speed system



Adopt polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polyester textured yarn, blended yarn etc as raw materials, weave the greige fabric、elastic fabric and velvet fabric, after the corresponding processing, the machine can produce fabric, mattress cover, interior decoration. Including outerwear, sportswear, underwear, swimwear, automotive inner decoration, shoes material, coated fabric, mesh fabric with special constructions as well as fleece fabric formed by device with or without looped pile.

The frame continuously adhering the advantages of BKS—the strong welded structure, adopt computer analysis, the optimizing treatment of mechanical strength and shaking frequency, which is refine and steady, thicken the thickness of machine body plate, reduce the shaking ,increase the stability of running. Compact structure, small space occupation, the distance between 2 sets machine is reduced about 0.5 meters.

Drive device
Adopt inverter driving, when the motor is in the best frequency status, temperature rising is small, the efficiency of the reducing boxer and driving belt is high. The reasonable driving design, the equipment layout more reasonable and concise, low noise.

Pattern device
Pattern wheel box is integral structure and precision casting, the design of spindle can reduce the accumulated error, the precision of comprehensive beating is high. Temperature rise is digital control, eliminating the temperature influence of speed across.

Crank shaft connecting rod device
Adopt the unitary crank shaft device, precision forging connecting rod, aluminum alloy combination rocker, the crank shaft connecting rod drive instead of eccentric connecting rod drive, reducing the machine’s acceleration, rotational inertia, the machine speed increase 30% reaching 2000rps.Adopt the pressure lubrication system and customized bearing. Low energy consumption, energy consumption is the lowest in the same kind models. Save 50% energy consumption, we have patented crank shaft connecting rod device, rigid knitting motion, stably machine running, ensuring the machining precision.

Knitting device
Reasonable knitting curve is suitable for big range of weaving. Big hollow, high-strength, high-rigidity, section light alloy increase the rigidity of needle bed. Precision casting swing arm and bar hanger and the application of carbon fiber reduce the Motion inertia and dynamic load. Special needle bed structure is suitable for the short yarn, increasing the adaptability of the product.

Electronic yarn let off、batching device
Adopt EBA system, it makes the operation simply, strong visual, and more accurate yarn letting off control. Combined with the CAN-BUS long-distance monitoring system to carry out the digital field management.