Precise digital textile printing



Precise digital localization printing technology introduction:

Precise digital textile printing is a specialized technology based on computer vision and control printing in real time. It is initially used for textiles warp and weft recognition and developed by control printing image’s position. Typical application is printing technology of cross-stitch products.

Precise digital textile printing is computer vision technology at first, make use of textile fabric’s warp and weft vision features or semi-finished product’s printing logo pattern(jacquard pattern) and confirm current printing image’s position and form based on computer vision technology. With further development of computer vision technology and printing control technology,precise digital textile printing will achieve great apply prospect.


 1.Automatic alignment printing
Using computer vision technology to identify semi-finished products (eg pieces) position, controlling the print pattern to achieve the alignment print.

2.Chromatography printing

Using equipment stations to control print pattern achieve chromatography printing online;using process design identify location to achieve trapping print offline.

3.Jacquard color filling

According to the jacquard patterns to confirm the print position and achieve the jacquard color filling printing.

 Operating principal

It uses the high-definition industrial camera to give the fabric a photograph,and uses the image processing software to distinguish the warp,weft and mesh,so it can get an contour.According to the longitude and latitude angle,it can rotate,scaling ,and other  deformation processing to the image,which is under printing.So it can print any image in any orientation.

 Software included:puzzle software、Image  RIP software、Printing software.

Hardware included: high-definition industrial scanner ,high-speed image processing card.

Application area:cross-stitch fabric printing,jacquard,embroidery fabric printing,Lace, shoe,leather,localization printing.


Echnical Parameters

Print modeFour/ Eight Pcs of high precision SS industrial print heads
Print resolution720dpi*800dpi

Print speed


Printing Mode4 heads


8 heads














Max. print width2000mm3200mm
Max.fabric width2020mm3220mm
Color4 color,8 color optional
CMYK,Lc, Lm, Orange, Grey, Blue, Red, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Yellow optional
Ink typeAcidity, reactive, disperse, coating ink all compatibility
PowerAC 220V ±10% , 15A 50HZ

Single phase AC + earth wire 220V±10% , 15A 50HZ

Environment18~30℃ 35~80%

Temperature 18-30℃, relative humidity 35-80%(non condensing)

Overall size3950(L)×1900(W)×1820(H)MM4850(L)×1900(W)×1820(H)MM