Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Product name: High speed single jersey circular knitting machine

Model: SJ

Size: 12″-38″

Gauge: 12G-44G

Feeder: 36F-208F

Speed: 20-30rpm

Yarn: nylon, polyester, cotton, spandex, metallic yarn, cambric, silk, rayon, etc.

MOQ: 1set

Payment terms: TT, LC, DP

Shipment terms: FOB, CIF


Main Devices for full set of single jersey knitting machine:

1. Servo motors                                                  4. Clearers

2. Servo amplifiers                                              5. Creel

3. Yarn tension

Optional devices:

1. Extra cylinder for change of gauge                 5. Lycra attachment

2. Dual functions fabric take up                          6. Knitting elements of German / Taiwan make

3. Big-width fabric take up                                  7. Yarn storage device of German / Taiwan make

4. Motorised/Mechanical Cutter and double rollers winder


Main Features:

1. Cams are made of special alloy steel, processed by precise CNC milling machine, with grinding and heat treatment. Needle track is accurate and smooth, which ensure minimum part wear and long life for needle.

2. The unique design of CSA (Central Stitch Adjustment) makes adjustment of fabric density to be easy and accurate.

3. Gears adopt oil-soaking design, processed with special treatment to prolong it’s life.

4. Machine can be transformed into terry (loop pile) machine or 3-thread fleece machine by changing core parts.

Fabric Patterns:

Product Name: Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine.