Single Jersey Computerized Terry Sinker Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Name: High-speed Single Jersey ComputerizedTerry (loop pile) Sinker Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine (2/3 ways)

High-speed Single Jersey Computerized Terry (loop pile) Needle Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine (2/3 ways)

Technical Parameters:




Main Features:

  1. Jacquard system makes quick switch of knit, tuck and miss, different designs can be made without limitation. Changing designs in machine is easy and quick.
  2. Pattern transfer between computer and machine through U disk is convenient.
  3. Computer system is compatible with various design softwares, like WAC.
  4. Machine adopts most reliable electromagnetic actuator. 8 steps design enable machine to work at high speed.
  5. Operation panel is in both Chinese and English. Jacquard system is simple and reliable.
  6. 2 ways and 3 ways system are as options.
  7. Yarn: Nylon, polyester, cotton, woolen, spandex, metallic yarn, roving, cambric, silk, blending, rayon, etc.

Main Device:

Machine is equipped with servo motors, servo amplifiers, yarn tension, clearers and creel as complete sets.


  1. Extra cylinder for change of gauge
  2. Dual functions fabric take up
  3. Big-width fabric take up
  4. Motorised/Mechanical Cutter and double rollers winder
  5. Lycra attachment
  6. Knitting elements of German / Taiwan make
  7. Yarn storage device of German / Taiwan make