DBJ43/1B High Speed Fully Fashioned Knitting Machine


Product Advantages:

1. Computer control ——– Designing pattern process replace conveniently ;

2. More bars, sundry and complex patterns with better three ——– Dimensional sense ;

3. Products are mainly used for clothing, summer clothing fabrics .


Product Features:

1. Multi bars with piezoelectric jacquard warp knitting technology which can make fancy cloth ;

2. High-power servo motor control steel pattern guide yarn system, makes the design scope wider and the transformation design more convenient ;

3. Electronic draw up institutions instead of tedious gear mecanism, only need set the fabric density then the stretch rate will adjust automatically ;

4. Ground bar and jacquard bar all adopt EBA electronic let-off manner, the max quantity of yarn can up to  50 ;

5. Fully Considering the convenience of the operation, adopt inhead type creel structure, two staircases and three aisles .


Product Technical Parameters:

Gauge : E24

Working width : 134″

Bar number : 1 Ground Bar, 40 Pattern Bar, 1 Spandex Bar, 1 Separate jacquard Bar

Speed : 20-800r/min ( speed is relevant to pattern and material, raw material smaller than 700D and shogging amount less than 8 needles for once, not including special raw material, creel let off manner)

Ground bar, Spandex bar, Jacquard bar shogging manner : Electronic shogging

Let-off manner : 3 sets of EBC electronic let- off (separately control Ground bar, Spandex bar, Jacquard bar 1 drag 2)

Pattern bar let-off manner : Creel let-off + 6*6 pattern shaft bracket

Draw-off manner : Electronic draw-off

Take-up manner : Electronic uniform take-up

Shogging amoun  170 needles

Pattern needle : Steel unfixed needle

Beams : Ground bar Φ30″, Jacquard and Spandex Φ21″

Main power : 5.5kw