DB568 Spandex Warping Machine

Product name: DB568 Spandex (Lycra) Warping Machine

Warping Speed: 0-600m/min

Unwinding speed: 0-300m/min

Pre-draft rate: 0~200%

Final draft rate: 20~100%

Beam size: 21″x21″, 30″x21″

Creel: 638, 748, 792, 864 ends

Yarn: 20D~620D spandex (lycra) yarn



DB568 intelligent spandex warping machine is especially for warp preparation of elastic yarn, which to be used in tricot warp knitting machine and multi bar lace machines to produce swimming fabric, net fabric and lace fabric with stretching performance.

Main electrical & Mechnical parts:

Servo motor: Mitsubshi, Japan

Computer: Taiwan

PLC: Siemens, Germany

Camera stop: Protechna, Germany

Encoder: Koyo, Japan

Pneumatic: Airtac, Taiwan

Relay: Japan

Bearing: SKF, Switzerland




Product name: DB568 Spandex warper,  Spandex warping machine, lycra warper,  lycra warping machine, elastic yarn warper,  elastic yarn warping machine.