DB485E High Speed Brushing Machine


velveteen, coral fleece, warmth underwear, polyester  fabric, flannel, warp knitted polyester blankets and so on. It is especially a”revolution”to the blanket and plush industry.

Product Features:

◇ SME485C high speed brushing machine adopts touch screen,PLC,inverter control .

◇ Adopts multi-transmission for motor,speed adjusted by inverter,simple structure,easier maintainence .

◇ It could realize stepless speed regulating for cylinder rotary speed,working speed,tension,raising tension in big range .

Product Technical Parameters:

Width: 2000mm   2200mm   2500mm  2800mm

Working speed: 25~40m/min(controlled by inverters)

The number of brushing rollers: 24

Diameter of brushing roller: Ø76mm

Rotational speed of the cylinder: 60~130rpm

Operational style: touching screen

Total motor power:25.1kw(air machine not include)

Weight of the machine: about 4000kg
Overall dimensions(length*width*height):

4500*4250*3236mm(working width 2000mm)

Below two machines are suitable for untwisting, brushing of knitted fabrics.

Working width: 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm