DB473S Single Roller Polishing Machine


This machine is suitable for polyester blanket, fake fur, woolen, cloud blanket, flannel , superfine fiber and warp knitted fabrics.


Product Features:

◇ Uses super”mirror” ф370mm polishing roller with six grooves, with stronger penetration. Production efficiency proved 30% with 15%-30% power less.

◇ Alighning gear, expanding device,fewer laborer.

◇ Power management makes power display directly.

◇Expander device helps the feeding more smooth,no crease,no press marks and improved yield.

◇ New heat exchange medium,uniform temperature distribution, less temprature disparity.


Product Technical Parameters:

Working width : 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm

Working speed : 5~17m/min

Diameter of polishing roller : Φ370mm

Rotational speed of polishing roller : 900rpm

Heating power : 57.45kw

Polishing temperature : 100~200 ℃(Automatic)

Motor power : 17.25kw

Weight of machine : about 4.5T


Overall dimensions (L * W * H):

4000 x 3980 x 3170 (2000mm)

4000 x 4180 x 3170 (2200mm)

4000 x 4480 x 3170 (2500mm)