DB472C Double Rollers Polishing Machine


Product Features:

◇The damping roller device of feeding,makes the tension adjust more convenient and polishing tension more stable.

◇Expander device helps the feeding more smooth,no crease,no press marks and improve yield.

◇Digital control of the belt distance,leads the belt pressure more intuitive,easy to operate.

◇Increases the automatic on-line feature,with efficient expanding device,automatic correcting device,automatic stop device,stop-line hanging from the hammer device,it will be more automatic and reduce the labor when on-line operation.


Product Technical Parameters:

Working width: 2000mm ,2200mm, 2500mm, 2800mm .

Diameter of polishing roller: ф415mm .

Heating type: electrothermal tube .

Surface temperature range of polishing roller: 5~250℃.

Difference in temperature:±2℃.

Delivery speed: 5~16m/min,with inverters to adjust speed .

Rotary speed of front polishing roller: 570r/min ;

Rotary speed of rear polishing roller: 620r/min .

Heating power:2*49.2kw (2000mm), 2*52.2kw (2200mm),

2*57.45kw (2500mm), 2*57.45kw (2800mm) .

Total power: 121.4kw (2000mm), 127.4kw (2200mm),

137.9kw (2500mm), 137.9kw (2800mm).

The weight of machine: 5T .

Voltage: 380V, Frequency: 50HZ.


Overall dimensions (L*W*H):

4000*4710*3170mm (2000mm), 4000*4910*3170mm (2200mm),

4000*5210*3170mm (2500mm), 4000*5210*3170mm (2800mm).