DB358 Mother Yarn Splitting Warping Machine

Product name: DB358 Mother yarn splitting warping machine

Beam size: 21″x21″, 30″x21″

Speed: 0-650m/min

Creel: 56, 64, 72 positions

Brake: pneumatic

Yarn:  all kinds of mother yarn, nylon and polyester,  

         240D/12F, 200D/12F, 360D/12F, 300D/10F, etc.

Payment terms:  TT, LC, DP

Shipment terms:  FOB, CIF





DB358 Mother Yarn Splitting Warping Machine is suitable for polyester & polyamide mother yarn, which is made of a number of mono filament yarns. This machine can split mother yarn directly then wind mono filament yarn into beams constantly at stable speed and tension. The advantages of this machine are to save material cost, workshop space and to improve production efficiency.

Main Technology Parameters:

1. Beam size: 30″x21″, 21″x21″

2. Speed: 0-650 m/min .

3. Main motor: 7.5kw

4. Creel: 56, 64, 72 positions

5. Brake: pneumatic

6. Suitable for all kinds of mother yarn. 

Nylon: 225D/15F (15D), 240D/12F (20D), 280D/14F (20D), 300D/15F (20D), 300D/10F (30D)

Polyester: 160D/8F (20D), 200D/10F (20D), 240D/12F (20D), 300D/10F (30D)

Main Features

1. This machine is used for dividing the raw yarn from bobbins, divided into single, neatly wound to the beam (segmented beam), supply to warp knitting machine, weaving equipment. The machine is suitable for materials of nylon, polyester raw yarn.
2. The main motor is controlled by a frequency converter, digital pulse loop based on PLC. The instruction is stable and reliable which ensure fast slow winding speed constant.
3. Up and Down of Beam bracket is controlled by the pneumatic; Mechanical positioning: the main brake use pneumatic brake.
4. According to the different speed, tension roller and speed roller brake can give different brake voltage to match with the main disk brake to keep the same constant yarn tension as well as constant speed.
5. Electrical part adopts Siemens or Schneider inverter and motor. All electrical fault and error information could show on touch screen (Chinese version and English version). Pneumatic components to use the South Korean YSC, accurate instructions issued by PLC soft air medium to complete a variety of actions needed for mechanical parts.
6. The tension roller is covered by rubber coated, which has a good dynamic balance performance to ensure the stable press yarn, function frequency control system to ensure accurate and constant of yarn tension.


Product name: DB358 splitting warper, splitting warping machine, mother yarn splitting warping machine.