DB331D Raising Machine


Product Features:     

◇ The raising roller adopts 207 bearing,aluminium alloy belt wheel,vee belt up tensioning,tension wheel, enlarge the lifetime of belt.

◇ Adopts quick-exchange belt and cleaning device,multi-functional expanding device,and 8 pieces of spare belts.

◇ The belts are completely loosen when machine keeps off,easier to clean broken fabric,safe and high efficient.

◇ Main transmission adopts horizontal type energy-saving motor,easier for maintainance.

◇ Adopts DC supply on inverter,reducing heat.

◇ Adopts blast cooling on electronical cabinet,avoid dust and waste getting in.

◇ Optional adopts carbon-fiber raising rollers,imported bearings,motor and reducer to keep the machine more stable,more energy-saving and higher efficient.