DB322M Combined Polishing-Shearing Machine


Product Features:

This machine is suitable for polishing and shearing of acrylic blanket,, fake fur,woolen, short warp knitted fabrics, fleece and wool spinning.

The surface of fabric which have been processed is smooth and puffy.

 Product Technica Parameters:

Working width:2000mm  2200mm , 2500mm , 2800mm.

Max working speed: 25m/min

Shearing blade : Diameter:  Ø185mm   ;  rotational speed:1000rpm

Sueding blade rotational speed: 500rpm ;  Number of shears: 24

Direction of rotation: right

Polishing roller(steel): diameter :Ø370mm ;  rotational speed: 650rpm

Electrical heating power: 30.8kw

Felt cylinder warp angle: α=0~55℃

Diameter of driving roller: Ø169mm

Diameter of guiding roller: Ø104mm

Motor power: 24.67kw

Machine’s weight: 5500kg

 Overall dimensions(length*width*height):