DB146 Warping Machine

Product name: DB146 high speed intelligent Copy warping machine

Beam size: 30″x21″, 40″x21″ and 42″x21″

Speed: 50-1000m/min

Brake: pneumatic

Air pressure: ≥6kgs/cm2

Total power: 13.5kw

Yarn: nylon, polyester, metalic yarn, viscose, cotton, etc.

MOQ: 1set

Payment terms: TT, LC, DP

Shipment terms: FOB, CIF




DB146 high speed intelligent Copy warping machine is a new-developed machine with hydraulic yarn tensioning device. Micro computer control system in closed loop controls (PID) monitors beam sircumference online and adjusts tension accordingly ensuring all beams of the same set to be same, same outer circumference, same length, same circles, and even tension.This machine is suitable for nylon yarn, polyester yarn, DTY & FDY, mono & multi filament yarn, metalic yarn, viscose yarn, cotton yarn, etc.


Main Devices for full set of DB146 warping machine:

1. Warper head                                                  7. Air blower stop device

2. Tensioner roller                                              8. Eyelet board

3. Oiling device                                                  9.  Drop-pin stop motion

4. Antistatic device                                            10. Turn table Creel

5. Yarn storage                                                  11. Trolley

6. Fluff detector

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Beam size: 30″x21″, 40″x21″ and 42″x21″.

2. Speed: 50-1000 m/min.

3. Main Motor: 11kw AC-frequency.

4. Tension roller motor: 1.5kw servo motor.

5. Beam up and down,clamping and brake: pneumatic.

6. Braking distance: ≤8m at 900m/min

7. Air pressure: ≥6kgs/cm2.

8. Yarn storage: 10mtr.

9. Maximum counting range: 200,000 meters (circles).

10. Power: 380V, 3phases, 50Hz.

Main Features:

1. According to original beam,copying sets of same beams .

2. The micro-computer real-time monitoring system can detect beam’s diameters in succession and regulate the tension at all time to make sure that diameters, out perimeter and length of a set of beams are equal.

3. The tension roller is fixed on the tension roller, PID AC frequency adjusts yarn tension.

4. The machine can give an alarm when it is in errors and calculation precision is high.

5. Revising warping parameter on line. Mother beam can revise warping length and sub-beam  can revise outer perimeter and length.

6. The beam’s load and unload is driven pneumatically and rises and falls in straight line so it runs steadily and orientates accuratel.

7. Main shaft brakes pneumatically. Roller adopts electric break.

8. Operation is easy and can simulate the beams group.




Product Name: DB146 high speed warping machine. GE118 DIBA, SAIJIA SGZ330Z