DB310 Tigering and Fine Shearing Machine


Product Features:

◇ High-tech frequency adjust the tension, to be more stable and covenient to control .

◇ Auto-lifting device and shearing felt lifting device,sharpen and clean the shears more quickly at any time,to ensure the high-accurancy of shearing .

◇ The seams adopt knife-lifting device,with stable and uniform cloth tension to be good for cutting thin cloth,the minimum thickness to be 0.15-0.2mm .

◇ Shearing-locking device,axial motion structure makes shearing more stable and much higher accuracy .

◇ Double cloth stretchers, stable tension .

◇ The shearing support can be adjusted special angle according to the features of the fabric to shear better .

Product Technical Parameters:

Working width: 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm

Max working speed: 26m/min

Diameter of the shearing cylinder:φ185mm

Rotary speed: adjusted by inverter

Number of the shears: 24pcs spin to right

Expanding roller: diameterφ63mm  rotary speed:450rpm

Diameter of driving roller:φ169mm,ratio of the front and the rear

driving rollers’ speed:1.1 (controlled by inverter)

Total motor power: 12.43kw 14.43kw

Electrical source:voltage 380V;frequency:50Hz

Overall dimensions (length*width*height):

3820*4080*3285(working width 2000mm)

3820*4280*3285(working width 2200mm)

3820*4580*3285(working width 2500mm)

3820*4880*3285(working width 2800mm)

DB310 Tigering and Fine Shearing Machine - 310 P - DB310 Tigering and Fine Shearing Machine